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Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Submitted by: Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji

Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is a systematic conscious process for accelerating the growth of a human being from the animal level to normalcy, then to the super human level, and ultimately to divinity. It’s a scientific methodology for an all around personality development physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual components. Thus, yoga in its general methodology is for the growth of humans to divine heights. It is a way to live with happiness, an art of living. Yoga is a purse science founded on eternal principles, aims at eternal life, directs humanity to lead a life full of peace, harmony, liberty, bliss, beauty, power, and integration. It is a science that discovers the reality, the self, and unites it with the world to achieve a balance. Through yoga, one can know the true meaning of happiness and reality by expanding ones consciousness. We can say yoga is for conscious process, exploring and going deeper, Divinity vs. human divinity as goal of yoga like as unlimited or goal of yoga, happiness means achieved controlling the mind with fewer thoughts, calmness, and peacefulness. So we can say yoga is for way to life through happiness. Needle & hut story ? A women living in a dark hut drops her needle and goes outside in search of it, a man comes along and asks what she is doing, she says she is searching for her needle. He asks where she dropped it, she replies inside where it is dark. We search where it is light because it is comfortable. Same as we search for happiness outside of us because it is comfortable, instead of looking inward. Yoga begins with developing an understanding regarding life, its miseries, problems, successes, failures, motives, etc. You can say Ordinary life is like pleasure-seeking life or dominated by animal instincts (food, sleep, sex, etc.) and is unconsciously directed by greed, anger, ego, attractions, and repulsions. The gross mind is scattered and identifies with a particular goal leading to material happiness, continuously seeking pleasure but never achieving. Holistic Living ? Holistic living is the science of living and well being at physical, emotional, mental, social, intellectual, and spiritual levels. It manifests when we live in LEAP. LEAP = love, energy, awareness, and peace .Healthy in all components of life. Yoga works to remove diseases from the body and prevent future disease. Maya means illusion or searching for something more stimulating, looking around externally instead of looking internally .Living beyond stress, conflicts, anxiety, hatred, violence, jealousy, excitements, attachments, and repulsions. Meaning of Yoga YogahCittavrttiNirodhaha(Patanjali) told us that Yoga is to gain mastery over the mind (Chitta = mind, Vritti = modification, thoughts, Nirodhaha = stop, restraints). Samatvam Yoga Ucyate (Bhagwad Gita) told us that yoga is for Equanimity, stability, balance, harmony, and equipoise. ManahPrasamanaUpayahYogah (Vasista) Yoga is the skill to calm down the mind Yoga is a technique for total personality development at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels (Aurobindo)Yoke = to unite. Philosophy of Yoga:- Samadhi (highest limb of 8 Limbs of Ashtanga) = state of mind in which we voluntarily become so deeply joined to the object of our meditation that the limits of our personal identity are temporarily set aside. Yoga is mind modification (what the mind does) stops or mind is not thinking or peaceful state. If there is no mind, we can meet the self . Motionless in motion, calmness in action, action in relaxation, ability to maintain inner peace at all times secret of Karma Yoga (Bhagavard Gita).Yoga is the search into the eternal truth. Yoga asserts that there is something unknown to our sense organs, but it is still not an experience of the mind, which is permanent, infinite, all-pervading, all-knowing, and sustaining this phenomenal universe. The unknown is the eternal, blissful, and fundamental reality of this universe. A new approach, a new method, a new way is required in order to discover this eternal truth and which is given by yoga. Samatvam yoga means balanced in all things. Karma yoga means selfless yoga, work for others. What Yoga is not Yoga science is not specific to individual styles and modern teachers, all yoga is part of yoga and philosophies should remain the same. Yoga is not exercise it means yoga is the science of consciousness and physical health is a by-product of this. Yoga is not magic it is the discovery and expansion of senses or powers. Yoga is not a religion it means there is no unifying god, but yoga can help both theist and atheist appreciate their lifestyle or chosen religion. Yogis die when alive it means breathing stops when in meditative state means no energy. At last we can say that through our body we can reach the mind, body acts like a tool, cannot master the mind if the body is unhealthy and Stimulating foods can alter our meditation e.g. onion, garlic and caffeine.

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