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8 Fun Group Activities For Mental Health Patients}

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Submitted by: Kitt Wakeley

Group activities for mental health patients can be fun and informative. You just have to know what kind of activities are best suited to your particular group. This might include a ropes course or something as simple as walking with friends.

Here are eight fun group activities in which to get your mental health patients involved.

#1 Store Your Groceries

Do you know how and where to store your groceries? If you dont, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Most people dont know the most efficient way to store these items.

Generally, grocery items are divided into vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat, fish, and eggs.

Conducting a group activity in which you assign groups with various grocery items is not only fun but also very informative, and can be enjoyed while involving adult patients.

#2 Draw Your Head and Fill it with Words

When you want to know exactly whats going on in your patients head, this group activity is ideal.

In this activity, you pass blank sheets of paper to your patients and instruct them to draw their head and fill it up with words and pictures to show whats going on in there.

Patients will enjoy taking part in this activity, and it will give you insight into each patients thought process.

#3 Involve the Group in Chess

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Traditionally, chess only requires two participants, but who says it cant be turned into a group activity? For patients who are good at chess, you may want to consider this group activity.

In a group chess game, two players take on a major role in chess whereas the other members help the players make their moves by counseling them. You can also put a person in charge of keeping the game straightforward and cheat-free.

#4 Affirmation and Worry Stones

When you want to indulge your patients in an outdoor group activity, finding stones and writing affirmations or worrisome thoughts can be quite fun. This activity is actually great for children and teenagers, and they will no doubt enjoy participating in activities that require physical effort.

#5 Painting or Drawing Nature

Many mental health patients are depressed. Involving your patients in a group activity where they draw, paint, or color an image can be fun and inspiring, especially when you want to demonstrate how nature evolves in a harsh environment.

Members can draw their own images such as a tree, a flower, or an animal where they face harsh environmental odds but still manage to thrive and grow.

#6 Two Truths and One Lie

Group games for mental health patients help to encourage your patients to work together. This social interaction is often an essential part of therapy and treatment. One example of this is the Two Truths and One Lie game.

This group activity can be performed with groups of any size. Each person needs to come up with two truths and one lie. Once everyone has come up with their truths and lies, you begin.

You then have your patients state their two truths and one lie in any order. The rest of the group then gets to discuss and try to guess which is the lie and which are the truths.

Once your group comes to a consensus, the patient reveals whether the group guessed correctly. Then, its the next patients turn.

Your mental health patients can develop new skills and learn how to relate to others. These are valuable skills that will be needed if or when they are on their own.

#7 You Sound Like

This next activity is among the most entertaining and fun group activities for mental health patients. It gets everyone laughing, and its a great icebreaker. Its called, You Sound Like

First, give everyone a sheet of paper and a pen. Have your patients fold the paper in half and then tear along the fold. Then, have them fold the two halves and tear again. Each patient should now have four pieces of paper.

Each patient writes down the name of an animal or object that makes a specific sound. Objects that make sound include anything from cars and trains to printers and leaky sinks. It could literally be anything that makes noise.

You should join in as well so that you can start the game. Have everyone place their pieces of paper in a hat or bowl. Mix up the paper and draw one of the sheets.

Dont read the name of the animal or object out loud. Instead, youll try to imitate the sound made by that animal or object. Everyone has to guess what animal or object that youre trying to imitate.

Because this group activity is such a great icebreaker, you should think about using it during your early sessions to put your patients at ease.

#8 Put Your Fear in a Hat

If you still need more group ideas for mental health patients, you should try Put Your Fear in a Hat. For this activity, you will need a hat or a bag, paper, and pens, crayons, or pencils.

First, you should have a discussion with your patients about fear. Explain that fear is completely natural. Also, explain that recognizing your own fears and acknowledging these fears will give them less power over you.

Then, give everyone a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Ask everyone to write down their biggest fear. Everyone writes down their fear and places it in the hat.

You then mix up the pieces of paper and pass the hat around. Each patient randomly draws a piece of paper and reads the fear out loud. You and your patients then discuss this fear as a group, with the original writer remaining anonymous.

This helps people see their fears in a new light. By hearing other people talking about their own fears, the fear may become trivial or easier to discuss in individual therapy sessions.

Mental health group activities can be incredibly beneficial for the welfare of the patients. Choose a group activity for patients that positively boosts their mood and behavior.

These group activities help also promote cooperation, resilience, and self-awareness. They allow your patients to interact with others and develop their social skills in a positive environment as well.

About the Author: Kitt Wakeley is a partner at Vizown, a treatment center in Oklahoma (

). I’m extremely passionate and determined to help women overcome their addictions and live a clean, wholesome, happy life.I love spending time outdoors, learning, being with my family, and growing my business. I love making a difference in somebody’s life. My family was personally impacted by addiction, and I committed long ago that I will do whatever I can to help other’s so that they don’t go through what my family went through. I currently live in Oklahoma, and firmly believe it is the best place anybody could ever live. We love Oklahoma!


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