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Step Ladders Summary: The Little Giant Safety Steps}

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Step Ladders Summary: The Little Giant Safety Steps


Joe Keith

Ladders are, without a doubt, a necessity in the DIY home improvement business. If you need accessibility to some cabinets that you just can’t reach, you will certainly need a reliable step ladder. Step ladders are simple type ladders with treads and A-shaped side rails. It is perfect for small household tasks. In picking a step ladder, you always need to acknowledge what job you need it for. A 2-step ladder is mostly for reaching items that are a little to high up to get to, whilst an 8-step ladder is for higher tasks like hanging wall decorations. It is vital also to think about storage. Is the storage of the ladder going to give you enough extra space? Additionally, you should consider how much weight the step ladder can endure. Are you going to be carrying hefty objects up and down it? Finally, you need to know whether you should opt for a fibreglass or an aluminium step ladder. Considering all this, let’s look at some information on The Little Giant Safety Steps.

On the Subject of the Little Giant Safety Steps

The Little Giant Safety Steps is produced in Germany by the Little Giant Ladder Company. The thing which makes this step ladder unlike others is that it is built with oversized steps. It is designed for rigorous use with a beautiful aluminium finish. It is crucial to acknowledge that because it is a metal, aluminium is a strong conductor of electricity and you must be careful if working around electrical sources. The Little Giant Steps is constructed from strong and lasting, decay-defiant aluminium for extra toughness and it is very light and easy to transport. This makes it ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use in boats, RV’s and other needs. It has got a 5 inch folding depth. One could easily surmise that the Little Giant Safety Steps is a take-it-anywhere, store-it-anywhere, multi-purpose step ladder.

Features of the Little Giant Safety Steps

The steps are manufactured with the strongest recognition of security, robustness, flexibility and handiness. It is built to last longer than the alternative lower-grade ladders. Additionally, it has tip-n-pull wheels which enable easier manoeuvring and transporting from place to place without extra muscle straining or heavy lifting; this renders it perfect for office and household usage. It is designed with non-slip steps with black rubber; so the stableness is remarkable. In addition, it is manufactured with non-slip safety feet and also a safety bar to extend added safeguarding. It also comes with a foldable handrail and a tool tray that could fit your useful DIY tools.

Details of the Little Giant Safety Steps

This unique ladder is accessible in 3 varying sizes , beginning with the small-sized with 2 treads, a platform height of 0.45m, a closed height of 0.80m and weighing in at 7kg to the largest size with 4 treads, platform height of 0.91m, a closed height of 1.42m and weighing in at 11.5kg. Its weight capacity is 300lbs. It passed the European standard for step ladders, which, by the way, is EN14183 and it also adheres with OSHA ANSI A14.2 standards. It also comes with a full 1 yr warranty.

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Step Ladders Summary: The Little Giant Safety Steps