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How To Create A Loud Car Music System

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

By Jack Wylde

There are many people who are actively trying to make their car one of the best. To do this, they often like to improvise the sound quality. They try to add more multimedia works to get a more wide range of entertainment. Most of the people who are ambitious to get a full music system in their car, would want to have a full loud car stereo. But how to build a car stereo without spending much of one’s money? This article gives some directions on this topic.

For achieving such a herculean task, one needs many speakers, equalizer, and woofer, amplifier in the car, wiring harness, some essential tools and the various cables to attach the various parts of the car stereo. The following instructions can be followed for easy way to build the loud car stereo.

Firstly, the stereo in the vehicle is replaced. Generally, the output of the stereo unit is divided to various speakers. The capacity of the unit would be split equally to the speakers in various locations like the door, speakers at the rear, sub-woofers if present. It is necessary for a proper multi channelled speaker system be chosen. This provides better sound and quality. Hence the entire power is distributed to all the speakers.

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After the stereo set is removed, it is turn of the speakers to be removed. The speakers in the door are ideally substituted by speakers having multi-channel. These speakers part the signal to give a better clarity and hence improving the quality as well. If speaker containing tweeter, woofer, etc. the sound may be distorted and spoils the quality of the audio. The speakers in the rear, on the other hand are replaced by the woofer or also a mid range.

To give a higher volume and to make it louder an amplifier is affixed. The purpose of the amplifier here is to use the power given by the stereo and increase the signal to various speakers in the car. They are available in various sizes and can be chosen according to the car and the necessity of the owner.

After the amplifier is attached to the system, a sub-woofer can be used. It can be used to reduce the tone and bass. It may be fixed at the rear of the car, in trunk part. Some sub-woofers with low profiles can be attached below a seat of behind seats at the rear. If sub-woofers are powered, they could be used without amplifier at all.

Once the various parts of the loud stereo are fixed the wiring can be done. The wiring is done preferably with speakers wires of high quality. This ensures lesser loss of energy at the ends of the wires unlike ordinary speaker wires. After all these steps, the loud stereo system can be used.

Nowadays through internet, people become self sufficient and independent. In the same way if people follow these steps of how to build a car stereo they can do it themselves with minimum help of experts.

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