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Realizing Importance Of Team Building}

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Realizing Importance of team building


Emily willson

Excellent teamwork produces optimum results more than anything in organizations. This is based on McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y that people work better when they are encouraged, empowered and cared for instead of dictated, exploited, or manipulated. The professional relationship between the boss and subordinate is geared towards success through maintained respect and open communication. The attitude and behavior of the management towards their staff are crucial in bringing about empowerment. This is why nowadays, corporate events and team activity are becoming more popular as part of company practice because the management sees the positive outcomes as a result of such efforts. Such activities help each one develop his or her potential while working as a group and communication is more casual because the atmosphere allows everyone to freely relate with each other through games, ice-breakers, self-assessment, and group interaction. First of all, team building events tend to be more successful when people are involved in planning the activities they will want to do themselves. On the process of brainstorming, personal interests and hobbies may be taken in consideration when choosing activities. People with special expertise on facilitating and leading groups may be given specific assignments so that the event is well-organized. Workshops that may be related to certain work standards, procedures or company image are also helpful ways to increase learning or understanding and boost morale. Organizers must also keep in mind that needs pertaining to love and spirituality may be common among participants. As human beings, spiritual needs are innate because man is also a spiritual being. Therefore, team buildings may also be done as spiritual retreats that are none-discriminatory and none-sectarian in nature as it may be beneficial and uplifting. At the end of the day, the most important thing as that, regardless of the type of activity included in the program, whether it is in a few hours, a day or two, each participant must be given the chance to speak, relate, or interact. Facilitators must be keen in letting everyone have their chance to be known and to shine according to their strengths and capabilities. Safety and security is a primary consideration too. Especially when holding activities outdoor that involves challenges and obstacles, it is extremely important to consider that everyone should be able to participate. This means, highly complicated games or risky stunts are better avoided. Otherwise, the entire activity may be jeopardized by accidents and mishaps. As a basic rule, alcohol consumption during such events is generally discouraged because of its anticipated difficulty to regulate.

All of which are aimed to foster unity in the workplace thereby achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. When both workers and management are united, they perform for the ultimate fulfillment of the organization’s vision and mission and their performance results to increased productivity and profitability. To promote unity and maintain a healthy, peaceful, and professional work environment, companies allot specific allocations in their annual budgets solely for team building events. Others approve proposals from their Human Resource Personnel for such activities. Corporate events

vary from acquaintance get-together, recreational and physical activities, and spiritual retreats.

The Human Resource Personnel may do brainstorming with the staff or they may consult outside sources that specialize in such events. Online resourcing may be helpful as well.

These events are usually initiated and organized by a company’s Human Resource Department with a budget that is approved by its management depending on the former’s proposal or the latter’s allocated funds during annual planning. For ideas on

team building events


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