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Suzanne Somers Fountain Of Youth

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

By Aditi Miscall

What do Alexander the Great, Francis Bacon and Juan Ponce de Leon have in common? They were all, at different points in history, involved in the Search for the Fountain of Youth.

There were still others who searched for Shangri La, the land where people lived in perpetual sunshine for a thousand years.

Did they find them? Ah, thats another story. Suffice it to say that people were and are still searching for them, in other ways though. And so it goes on-this search for agelessness. Indeed, many are those who conjecture about rejuvenation, longevity and agelessness.

And many who claim to have found them. Numerous and varied are the stops on the way though, and some are more challenging than others. It is not as simple as sipping from a cup, we are told.

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Ask Suzanne Somers. It was only after years of research and experimentation, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears that she hit upon her recipes for it. But the results are tangible. They are there for you to see and for you to experience.

So, what does agelessness mean to you? A stronger, suppler body? Go no further. For one, there is the ThighMaster to answer those prayers and to reach for. While this is devised primarily for honing in on those thighs, though, the Suzanne Somers complete ThighMaster toning system also deals with perfecting your butt, hips, chest, upper and lower arms, and back.

Does agelessness mean a wrinkle free, glowing face to you? Suzannes FaceMaster will stimulate and strengthen every underlying facial muscle, rejuvenating it and returning to it its younger looking tone and elasticity. It being a non-surgical procedure, you can operate it yourself, as often or as regularly as you yourself wish. Learn from Suzanne or one of her team how you can become your own rejuvenator!

And how better to top this off than with the Suzanne Somers’ water-resistant, oil-free Spray On Makeup Professional Foundation to give you that unblemished and glowing look rather than that all white kabuki theatrical appearance. Dramatic in its perfection and air brushed professionalism, when you simply spray it on its ingredients of aloe vera, chamomile and vitamins among others will freshen and hydrate through every pore.

But what would all that perfection be without a little ornamentation, darling? So Suzanne has designed and collected some sparkling jewelry and a fabulous assortment of accessories to set each well toned curve and perfect contour off to perfection. Choose from handbags, gloves, watches and a host of other must-haves.

And perfection though your exterior may well now be, you surely are convinced that beauty comes from within. So Suzanne has the answer for you. Not for you the raised blood sugar levels or surplus pounds brought on by regular sugar. Packed into those magic cans is SomerSweet, a sweetener made from a very fine fructose. With its sprouted mung bean extract, and the other ingredients which includes Inulin, Oligofructose, and Acesulfame K. this “all natural” sweetener is chemical free.

Okay, so weve got your body covered. Now its time to nurture the soul. Suzannes book, Ageless lets you in on interviews with anti-aging physicians who are well known for their work in restoring hormone balance in their aging patients. These doctors are in the forefront of a medical revolution that is initiating life-enhancing strategies otherwise overlooked by the medical establishment. Ageless is chock-a -block with new insights and up to date information on how the naturally restoring youthful levels of hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone help aging women (and men) lose that flab, regain ones youthful form and recover his or her optimal health, energy, and sexuality.

So, there you go. Setting back the clock, turning back time, whatever you may term it, the words today are synonymous with Suzanne Somers and her marvelous set of products meant just for you.

About the Author: Aditi Miscall is a Independent SUZANNE Sales Consultant and the owner of


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