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How To Pack And Move Dryer And Washer For Your House Move}

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Submitted by: Rose Walker

Washers and dryers form the essentials of any household. And with an upcoming move the challenge to move them deftly to the new location seems unavoidable.

Being delicate and fragile these household equipments are highly susceptible to moving damage. Failure to properly secure them prior to the shifting and moving can result in costly repairs. Here is a step-by-step guide to ensure that your washers and dryers remain intact and effective even after the move.

Disconnect Properly: The first step towards getting your washer and dryer ready for the move is to disconnect the unit properly. Snap all electricity supply connections, water inlets and gas supply valves. Once all the inlets are blocked, remove the drain hose and other outlets.

Remove Screws and Clamps: Closely remove all the screws, clamps or permanent fasteners used to secure the unit to the wall or slab. Loosen and remove them cautiously and keep them safely in a packet as these supplies will be required during installation of the equipment at your new home.

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Clean and Air Dry Every Part: Wipe clean the units closely and remove traits of soap residue and lint dust. Allow the unit to air dry for at least 24 hours after its water supply is disconnected.

Seal the Drum: Washers and dryers are befitted with spinning drums. Moving units without securing their drums can spur alignment issues, causing extensive damage to the unit. Use moving pins or fasteners that help keep the drum stationary during transit.

Follow the Instructions Manual Closely: In addition to the above mentioned steps, every unit has certain instructions specific to their model and type. Read the instruction manual closely and follow each one completely.

Getting your equipment move-ready is certainly not a DIY job. Enlisting services of the brand-specific service engineers is a prudent call.

Once the unit is ready to the packed and sealed, arrange packing supplies for packing it effectively. Packing the unit in its original carton and packing supplies in indeed the safest and the best option. In case you do not have the original packing supplies, ensure that the picked material is of the ideal size

Loose packing provides no protection against jerks and impacts!

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About the Author: Rose Walker is an expert blogger living in Melbourne, who loves to write about business marketing and sales, business management. She has got more than five years of experienced freelance writing. She loves to share her ideas, tips, advice and suggestions to individuals and corporate which help them in their business growth. Recently offering her services to Mandy Moving and Packing, which is one of the reputed moving companies in Melbourne. For more information about services call at +61 1300 626 397.


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Shopping Help For Aromatherapy Accessories}

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Submitted by: Bryan Josling

My childhood memories of aromatherapy are restricted to the beautiful diffusers that my father bought for diffusing the essential oil aroma. Though they were largely clay pot diffusers, they looked attractive in varied colours and shapes.

Diffusers come in the category of aromatherapy accessories. Aromatherapy accessories include the whole range of storage boxes, bottles and jars, diffusers, burners, containers, dispensers etc. Essential oils and other aromatherapy products, being so precious (not exactly in price but in face value to the user), demand special concern in the form of aromatherapy accessories.

Storage box:

It is important to get the best storage boxes for storing your essential oils. Essential oils may get contaminated if exposed to too extreme temperatures. Similarly, direct sunlight is harmful for the aromatherapy products. The most common material used for preparation of storage boxes is alder wood. The boxes will be beautifully carved and given a natural wood finish. When shopping for storage boxes, check that it contain wooden dividers and brass clasp fittings. Also, decide the storage space before making the buying decision.

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Bottles and jars:

Essential oils must be stored in dark amber or cobalt blue bottles. These are the best containers to prevent deterioration of the essential oils. Since essential oils are contaminated when exposed to direct sunlight, clear glass bottles are a strict no-no. Plastic bottles may be avoided, particularly when concentrated essential oils are to be stored. It is believed that the oil erodes the plastic and thus it gets deteriorated. The market today has large options for people shopping for bottles and jars. They are available in ranges of 5 ml to 10 ml. Bottles with beautiful designs can be purchased. Some manufacturers also offer the option to design on demand the bottles.

Electric diffusers:

Diffusers are one of the most popular aromatherapy accessories. They are available in a wide range from electric diffusers, nebulizers, fan diffusers, clay pot diffusers etc. They are a cleaner and more effective way of perfuming the environment. Electric diffusers can be left unattended too without the fear of it leading to fire, since there is no naked flame.


Though dispensers and pipettes are only minor aromatherapy accessories, they are quite important. Use an ordinary dispenser and you have the danger of deteriorating your oils. When oil is dispensed from its container, a part of it is left on the pipette. It reacts with the oxygen outside and gets contaminated. When again the pipette is used, the contaminated oil contaminates the entire bottle of oil. So one must purchase the dispensers too with care.

In this way, we see that aromatherapy accessories have a large role to play in increasing longevity of your essential oils. So, take the same care when buying the aromatherapy accessories as when you buy the oils.

About the Author: Bryan Josling is working with the Horticultural Research Station in Adelaide. He has also been involved with research on plants. To find Aromatherapy essential oils,Aromatherapy Accessories,essential oils wholesale visit


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