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Top 10 Festivals Of New York Worth Experincing}

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Submitted by: HiCinko LLC

New York City is one of the most famous and popular cities in the world offering a plethora of unique and significant festivities to the people. The city of New York can be considered to be a lavish city in the world offering its own delights in the form of places to visit and festivals to celebrate and merriment to be enjoyed. In this blog, we will be discussing that how New York can be a very fine place to visit and enjoy oneself to the fullest. It wont be wrong if we say that New York as a city possess all the qualities to satiate a travellers needs of art, fashion, food, shopping and with this it proves itself to be a true hub of something which is invigorating to the core. If you are looking for something different and something which you, perhaps have never seen or have experienced in your entire life time then this is your opportunity to get some memories out of your travel.

The Festivals

New York like every other major city has its own culture and its own ways of expressing certain things. The people are very open and mostly arent obtuse minded. They believe in celebrating as if there is no tomorrow and enjoy their festivals to the fullest evading the anxieties and stress of their lives. There are many festivals which can be talked about. Some of the most famous festivals of New York are listed below:

1) New York City Films festival This festival takes place in the Washington Square park where people get to watch the most prolific French cinema, inclusive of both the contemporary and veteran one on the plush lawns of the New York city having the taste of wines making the whole atmosphere absolutely enchanting. If you ever have wondered of visiting this place then book your flight tickets to New York.

2) Blue Note Jazz Festival- This is yet another mind boggling festival. Blue Note Jazz Festival is a month long festival and celebrates the much fascinating aura of Jazz. Owing to its duration, it is celebrated in multiple locations of the New York. Jazz is something which has the power of evoking certain emotions in ones being. It has been truly said that Jazz is the music of intellectuals and it is a remarkably well concocted music of the brilliant and the beautiful. Make your flight reservations to experience this exceptional festival of music.

3) BLI Summer Jam – BLI summer jam stands for everything good and nice with the sprinkles of freedom and revelry on the top of it. For the people of New York jamming is a great way to bust out their stress and enjoy the specific moment in the time. The summers, the winds, the breeze and the lightness of the mind which comes with it makes it all the more enticing to celebrate it to its fullest extent.

4) Color Vibe festival- Color vibe festival of New York is a much awaited festival which brings with it a lot of fun and cherishing moments. People wear clothes which they dont really care about because anyways they would be getting assailed upon with various colors. People throw colours on each other like children carelessly and enjoy being careless, for some time taking off the adult hat and responsibilities and getting themselves free from the tangles of the societal barriers.

5) Clear Water Festival- This festival is one of Americas oldest festivals. It is a music and environmental festival. Clear water celebrates the occasion of being free and liberated. You get to watch your famous stars playing and performing on the stage live.

6) Bicycle Film Festival- It is yet another unique festival which is celebrated in the city of New York. Even, it has got an interesting story behind its fruition. What happened one day that Brendt Barbur whose brain child is this unique festival got hit by a truck when he was riding on his bicycle. After that he decided that he would be presenting the bicycles through art and through films and hence this festival was born. It is celebrated in multiple locations of New York throughout.

7) Washington Square music festival New York- If you ever visit New York then Washington Square music festival must be on your hit list. This festival offers a variety of music performances which include opera, jazz and orchestra.

8) Artists and Fleas- Happening in Brooklyn, Artists and Fleas is a major festival or you can say it is an event where new talent gets to showcase their skills and get a chance to earn some money for their passion and their hard work. If you want to see an altogether different breed of people who have created something out of their sheer passion then this is the place to be and this is the place to experience art in its raw and somewhat pure form.

9) Coney Island Mermaid Parade- It wont be wrong in saying that Coney Island Mermaid Parade is an expression of freedom of thought and creativity. This event showcases the boisterous personalities of the people and the way in which they carry themselves.

10) Young Choreographers festival- As the name suggests, Young choreographers festival celebrates and showcases the upcoming dancing talent, promoting the work of the next gen dancers who are passionate about their skill in the utmost way possible.

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