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What Does Your Bedroom Dcor Say About You?

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

By Francis Rodrigues

The bedroom has gone full circle in history. Back in the day, Kings held court in their bedroom while surrounded by a multitude of pillows. All which could be viewed as the life of luxury or laziness.

American cottages consisted of one big room. This room held every activity thinkable: eating, sleeping, recreation, bathing, and sewing. As families grew and architects became more educated, homes were built that separated one large room into a bedroom.

Today, bedrooms are a place to meditate, write letters, exercise, watch television, and sleep. A true statement of YOU.

Sowhat about the dcor?

Your bed is an essential piece of furniture. But that doesn’t mean that it has to look like any ordinary bed. Your room needs to make a statement about your personality and that begins with the bed you select. What type of bed are you?

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Most bedrooms contain a mattress and foundation, nightstands, dresser, perhaps a chair and of course, a television. You should select each piece with care, as they will be with you for quite awhile. Be certain to select top quality. Furniture made out of maple or oak stand strong and makes a statement of comfort.

vThe main focus of your room is your bedroom set. The style you select, contemporary, modern, or antique, will set the stage for your room dcor. For instance, you wouldn’t mix country with modern furniture or bright colors with earth tones. Unless, you’re a very unique individual.

Contemporary and Modern

A contemporary or modern bedroom set makes a statement of Today. On the fast track, up by the alarm, off to work or school, and never really resting until dusk. The beautiful pieces of furniture, some crafted from wood while others made from compressed board, is a style that changes by the decade.

Country and Antique.

A country or antique bedroom set makes a statement of Home. Associated with warmness and living in a day when things were simple, this style of furniture tells visitors you’re warm hearted and laid back.

Dcor Tip

Your drapes and bedding are two accessories you can easily change. Never change your comforter, duvet cover or quilt without considering refreshing the drapes or blinds. Stay with a rather neutral color.

Wallpaper provides you with a multitude of styles and designs. But painting your walls is easier. Using a few techniques like rolling or sponging the paint, you can make paint appear as brilliant and textured as wallpaper. Plus, it’s easier to paint over paint than peel off wallpaper. A soft tone of paint compliments bright bedding.

Lighting sets the mood. Not enough light will make one sleepy and almost depressed. The rooms’ atmosphere is set by the lighting. Lights under the bed or dimmers on wall sconces make the room glow in an inviting way. Mood lighting is especially effective when it is visible from a sitting area off the bedroom.

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Wi Fi And A Whole Bunch More With Archos Mp3 Players

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

WiFi and a Whole Bunch More with Archos MP3 Players


Frank Froggatt

It genuinely isn’t all that necessary to defend teak furnishings. Teakwood is really unique in the fact that if you leave it in its natural state, it genuinely doesn’t require any maintenance. You can leave teak wood outdoors all year prolonged you don’t have to be troubled about it, even in climate conditions that are extreme. It is because of this that people really love outdoor teak furnishings.

It is true that after being exposed to the sun for a lengthy period of time that teakwood will start to turn a silvery gray color, but this is a inherent process and doesn’t harm the structural integrity of the wood at all.

A lot of people like to use a teak sealer on their wood in order to help it to maintain its native honey color. They often use it to darken it up a little as well. The sealant isn’t only going to change the color of your wood, it will also give your teak some UV protection and also provide a protection from mold and mildew with an anti-fungicide. It doesn’t matter whether you’re teak furnishings is old or new, you can apply teak sealants to them after they have been cleaned. These sealers aren’t the same thing as lacquer. The sealant simply acts to preserve the wood, while at the same time still allowing it to release its oils naturally. It will not bubble or peel up like lacquer will. These things work well as both protectants and stains for your wood. When you’re looking at colors, realize that the darker the stain you get, the better UV protection the furnishings will have, which means you won’t have to put it on as often. If by chance you have inherited a piece of teak furnishings from someone that has glaze on it, you will need to remove all of the old varnish by sanding, and then you have the choice of either staining it the color you like or leaving it natural.

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It isn’t very difficult to apply the preservative and it is pretty straightforward. You want to make sure that you don’t put your first coat on unless the furnishings has been sitting in the sun for a few weeks before hand. This assures that all of the wood grains are open. To apply it, all you have to do is spray it on and then rub it with a rag. Be sure that you apply two coats, and make sure that you apply it everywhere. Be sure to put your piece of furnishings on something that you don’t mind if it gets stained, like an old bed sheet or something.You will need to apply a coat to your furnishings each year, but after the first coat you will only need to apply it to surfaces that received the sun.

After doing this to your furniture you genuinely have to do very little else to protect it. It doesn’t hurt to wash your furnishings every once in a while with a mild soap and water to remove any normal soiling. If you spill anything on the sealant, like coffee,wine, or foods that stain, you need to make sure that you get it off immediately as these things can penetrate through the sealant and leave stains on your furniture. If you want to improve your furnishings and resistance to these types of stains you can put on a teak clear coat.

Because of the natural oils that are contained in teakwood, and migrate out of the wood to the surface, in essence teakwood protects itself and makes itself pretty much impervious to water. These native oils leach out of the wood, and because of this it isn’t a good idea to put glaze or water sealers on any teak product. Polyurethane and glaze products will never fail to peel up and chip off of teak wood products. Applying these to your teak furniture can turn out to be a real nightmare in the future.

If you’re thinking of putting oil on your teak furniture to help stain it, think again as this will only provide an avenue for mold to start growing on your furniture, rather than the wanted effect of a darker color. This again causes more work for you as you will need to wash the furnishings with bleach and soap and then sand the surface.

Buying a piece of teak wood furnishings is a worthwhile investment if you enjoy spending time outdoors. It adds a classy look to any yard. In order to defend your investment in is vital to know how to take care of it.

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