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Sports Bedding And Decor Turns You Into The Ultimate Fan}

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Sports Bedding and Decor Turns You Into The Ultimate Fan


Tracy Patton

Now that Labor Day weekend is behind us and summer is coming to an end, its time for some football! Are you ready to tailgate, fire up the grill, and bring out the pigskin?! Football is one of the greatest American pastimes and you need to be ready to hoot, holler, and cheer your favorite team to victory. So how do you plan on showing youre the ultimate sports fan?

Diehard tailgaters always have the BBQ ready and beer on ice. The infamous foam finger is always a popular way to show your team is #1. In addition to the foam finger there are many other props necessary at game time. You also have the classic D-Fence symbols, flags, horns, banners, pom-poms, stuffed mascots, plush team blankets to stay warm, and most importantly the beer hat. For the more serious fan there is war paint. Nothing says team spirit more then dying your hair and painting your body with your teams colors and logo.

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What about those football parties at home? Do you have the ultimate game room? You know the one with the big flat screen TV with picture in picture, the wet bar with your teams logo on it, beer signs on the wall, team logoed bean bag chairs, banners, toss pillows and throws on the oversized couch, a pop corn machine, and a pool table. Of course this room will lead out to the BBQ pit where every imaginable game day food will be cooked up.

Who says football is just for the game room? If you are the ultimate sports fan it will show in your entire home. You can decorate an entire bedroom with a complete sports bedding set. Authentic jersey mesh comforters and shams look and feel just like a real players jersey. Accent the sports bedding set with throw pillows and plush blankets. Like reading the sports pages in bed, add a bed rest to prop your self up. Frame the windows with a team valance and drapes. Dont forget the walls, cover them with wall hangings and if your lucky an autographed picture of your favorite team in a winning game. Put your teams shower curtain up in the bathroom and a rug on the floor.

Now you have the gear to be the ultimate sports fan. Put on your foam finger; snuggle up under your favorite teams blanket while sitting on the couch or in the stands, and root for your teams victory!

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Sports Bedding and Decor Turns You Into The Ultimate Fan }