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Electric Treadmill Overview: Infiniti T2100 B}

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Electric Treadmill Overview: Infiniti T2100B


Jeffrey Atlas


If you are hunting for fitness equipment, you should be well-educated and well-read. You have such a remarkably huge variety of treadmills, rowers, steppers and other kinds of machines on the market that it is often difficult to make up your mind about which is the best choice. One of the best things you can do before buying an expensive piece of exercise equipment is to read reviews of the brands you’re thinking about. It could be a revelation to find out what other folks are thinking about the brand you are interested in. The following is an educational evaluation of an electric treadmill which we have determined is economically-priced as well as loaded: the Infiniti T2100B.

Overall Rating:

4.5 of 5.0 stars

Major Components:

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The computer console on the T2100B has a comprehensive range of functions and programmes, including an innovative built in lap display that visualises your progress around an imaginary track. A very exciting and encouraging attribute. With the T2100B your heart rate is also monitored by integrated pulse sensors. A further aspect that we are glad about is the “quick keys” which let the user change the have a quicker pace and also tilt more readily all through the workout. These programmes feature 2 user-defined exercises for paramount flexibility. We think this treadmill is one of the best in its class. To find out more facts continue to read.


Near ?375.00

Item Description:

When we begin to hear about the Infiniti T2100B treadmill, it was incredible the amount of features that were presented at such an economical price. On the other hand, could you envision any less out of one of the finest creators of fitness equipment? Its motor is loaded with strength and is rated at 1.9hp peak performance. This machine contains a great selection of 10 programmes help you continue to be busy and knowledgeable. Containing a speed range of 0to 16kph, the T2100B is excellent for novel and practiced exercisers as well. The slant can be regulated to as much as a 10% grade to confront the most able-bodied of exercisers. This treadmill also features a large, comfortable running area that measures a generous 17 x 51 inches (43 x 130cm).

Item Specifications:

Display: One LCD window – 50mm x 90mm

Programmes: 10, including manual, rolling hills, mountain, 2 walking, cardio burn, hill interval, fat burning and 2 user defined

Display feedback: Speed, time, distance, incline and calories

Heart rate measurement: Sensors in hand grips

Speed: 0.5 to16kph (0.5 to10mph)

Motor power: 1.25 horsepower (1.9 peak)

Incline: Up to 10%

Folds for storage Yes

Running area: 17″ x 51″ (130cm x 43cm)

Open dimensions (LxWxH): 175cm x 79cm x 135cm

Folded dimensions (LxWxH): 105cm x 79cm x 150cm

Maximum user weight: 110Kg (17st)

Power method: Mains

Warranty: 2 years parts and labour, 5 years frame, 3 years motor

Final Thoughts:

We really appreciate this electric treadmill created by Infiniti since it allows us an induction to one of the most well-favoured and esteemed brand name at a reasonable price. In use, the T2100B stands up to a vigorous run while delivering smooth performance at the slowest walking pace to accommodate users with varying fitness levels. We recommend it highly.

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Electric Treadmill Overview: Infiniti T2100B