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Grand Canyon Helicopters Provide Great Views}

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Submitted by: Rhegie Taylor

America has some of the most amazing national parks, which could be the source of incredible memories for those who experienced them. Each one has its own unique features, and various opportunities, for tourists. When touring the Grand Canyon helicopters can allow one to see parts of this majestic location that are inaccessible from the ground.

Carved by the raging Colorado River over millions of years, this natural landmark is a site that inspires wonder and awe in almost everyone who has the opportunity to experience it. This great chasm is located entirely in the state of Arizona. It is over 270 miles long, and in some places is over a mile deep.

While it is definitely not the largest chasm on the planet, this location offers something that other formations of its type can not. Due to an interesting combination of environmental factors, there is actually very little evidence of wear on the various layers of rock. As a result, people are able to view many centuries of the planet’s geological history in nearly immaculate condition.

Although there are many different ways to explore the park and surrounding areas, including by Jeep, mule, bicycle, hiking, rafting, or river boat, taking a helicopter can be one of the more exciting choices. Only a small portion the region can be traversed from the ground, but an aerial viewpoint provides the chance to see almost five times as much of this amazing landscape. There are several options available for those who are interested in this adventure.

Tours from the sky can be booked for either a half-day session, which usually lasts approximately four hours, or for a full day, which may be as long as eight. The basic flight may be combined with boat rides, the Skywalk, and even picnics along the base, by the river. Options even include the chance to participate in exciting white water rafting activities, which are always an exciting adventure.

One advantage to riding in the helicopter is that after taking in the incredible vista from high above the rims, the group can then descend more than 4,000 feet down to the bottom, to partake in picnics or other activities. The ride can also provide an opportunity to view other landmarks such as Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the Dragoon Corridor. Visitors may also catch glimpses of some of the most amazing rock formations anywhere, and the local wildlife.

Because safety is a prime concern, flying a great chasm of this magnitude requires that the aircraft be a specially fitted to accommodate the unique types of wind gusts that are common in this area. Each pilot will have received the proper training and experience to deal with such weather conditions. These excursions can be taken in either the summer or winter months for a truly memorable experience.

Prior to booking a tour, one may consider contacting the company to get advice on what should be expected, and tips on how to make the best of this opportunity. Should a participant have any special physical or medical requirements, it is best to make sure that they can be accommodated adequately. A trip advisor can also recommend clothing considerations for the type of weather that made being encountered on a particular excursion, as some conditions may be rather extreme.

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