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How To Add An Signal Indicator Light Onto Dm500}

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

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How to Add an Signal Indicator light onto DM500



The signal indicator light can directly provide a detailed statement about the signal receiving condition of DM500. It can be very useful when you are searching the satellite outdoor. Most satellite receivers have this light however DM500 not. In order to make the process of adjusting satellite antenna and searching satellite more convenient, lets add a signal indicator light onto DM500.

According to the analysis based on theory, it is easy to add such a light onto DM500; you only need the switching tube, current-limiting resistance and some LED tube. The most important point in this task is to find the control point. You first have to test the voltages of 26 pins of the tuner when DM500 is in the status of locked and unlocked. Then compare the data, you will find the No.4 pin has a voltage of 3 volt in the status of locked and 0 volt in the status of unlocked. This is an ideal point for adding such a signal indicator light.

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The control and display tablet of DM500 is very small, it only has a D60 LED light, a D61 LED light, a IR2 remote controller receiver, a SWL switching, a R610 resistance, a C612 electrolytic capacitor. The D61 LED light which is green is used for indicating the power status, the D60 red LED light is used to show whether DM500 is under the sleeping model. According to the analysis of the elements on the tablet, we choose a blue LED light to be the signal indicator light and add it just beside the red LED light. First, you can use a Q1 drill to drill a hole on the board. When you are doing this, pay attention to the copper foil electric circuit, you shouldnt damage it. Put the pins of the blue LED light into the holes you just have drilled, align the three LED lights. Then shear the pins of the resistances and LED light and weld the resistances and switching tube with the LED light at the back of the board.

When the work mentioned above has done, you can test the light to see whether it works well or not. You can use the channel you have just set to see whether the light is on. Then make the DM500 unlocked to see whether the light is off. If the light works well, the last job is to drill another on the face of DM500. Now, the job is done, congratulations!

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How to Add an Signal Indicator light onto DM500 }