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Baby Banz The Ultimate In Sun Protection For Kids.}

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Submitted by: Lyddia Pearson

We are being constantly reminded about the dangers to our childrens skin and health caused by over exposure to the sun. Parents are aware of the skin damage that can be caused from over exposure and the various types of sun protection for kids that is available to prevent this.

As well as protecting kids skin with a good high SPF sunscreen, and reapplying every 2-3 hours and after swimming, using sun hats, UV swimwear and clothing, sunshades and parasols for buggies, beach tents and canopies for shade, their eyes are extremely sensitive and scientists have proves a direct link between sun damage to the retina and the development of cataracts. Protecting their eyes is therefore very important.

Baby Banz is one of the market leaders with regards to sun protection for kids. A company founded in Australia by a parent who was looking for a good pair of sunglasses for his child. As this was a difficult task he saw a gap in the market for good quality UV protective eyewear for children. Baby Banz was born in 2011 and today they make a range of sun protective products, including sun hats, UV swimwear and clothing, sunglasses as well as ski goggles, swim goggles, and winter hats.

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The company ethos is to strive to preserve sensitive eyes and precious skin of little ones, now and for generations to come.

Bay Banz are practical and fashionable eye wear for babies, toddlers and kids. They are available in many colours and patterns, the lenses are made of UV protective polycarbonate encased in shatter resistant polycarbonate frames. The signature design feature of Baby Banz is the large strap that goes around the back of the head, almost like swim goggles. This large strap is made of Neoprene elastic and has Velcro adjustable sides.

The beauty of this type of sun protection for kids is in the cool design. The glasses are very comfortable and children enjoy wearing them. They may be a bit more expensive that other brands of eyewear but they are durable, they offer UV protection, they are flexible, breathable and comfortable, the child cannot throw them off and break them or drop them out of the pushchair as they are securely on their head. The added advantage of the adjustable strap is that there is quite a good length of excess strap that you can adjust the length for years to come and the sunglasses grow with the child. The frames are also made of shatter resistant polycarbonate.

These glasses were designed for the harshest of climates and have been rigorously tested by one of the worlds leading authorities on sunglasses. Baby Banz now come in two new design ranges as well as the original shape. Retro Banz are fashionable, oval shaped sunglasses available in many colours, Adventure Banz are a sporty, sleek design also available in a wide range of colours.

You can find Baby Banz sunglasses and all kinds of sun protection for kids by visiting the specialists in outdoor clothing and travel essentials for kids at

About the Author: Lyddia Pearson is a mum of 23 month old toddler Sebastian and founder of

. As a result of many unsuccessful shopping trips, the idea for a store that could supply all baby and toddler outdoor clothing and travel essentials for all seasons was born.


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