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A Tv Hearing Aid For Your Listening Pleasure

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

By David Faulkner

On of the first clues many people have had that their hearing is no longer what it once was has come from their television sets. A person might be happily enjoying his or her favorite TV show only to have family member yell from another room ‘Will you please turn that thing down!’

It’s a situation which can put a real dent in family time around the TV, but because more and more Baby Boomers have reached the age where their hearing is likely to get bit less sensitive, electronics manufacturers have come up with various types of TV hearing aid, or listening system.

A TV hearing aid is designed for use for those who are experiencing hearing difficulties, whether or not they use actual hearing aids. One model of TV hearing aid, Beltone TV ears, is intended for all ranges of hearing impairment from mild to severe.

Beltone’s TV Ears IR TV System

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Beltone’s TV hearing aid eliminates the background sounds which can interfere with a TV viewer’s ability to hear the sounds from the TV. Conversations, the sound of a radio or the hum of a household appliance will be minimized while the clarity of the TV sounds will be maximized.

The Beltone TV hearing aid is constructed to connect quickly and easily with any television, cable or dish, or VCR, and have volume, balance, and tone adjusting controls; the TV hearing aid will change the volume independently of the volume on so those watching TV with you will not know when you have adjusted the sound.

Beltone’s TV hearing aid operates off an infrared signal from the TV, and will pick it up in room of up to 650 square feet and from a direct linear distance of 100 feet. They are even capable of sensing and eliminating the annoying differences between the volumes of commercials and regular programming. Even the TV jeering aids are in use, their transmitters will recharge their headsets, and when fully charged, the headset will operate for eight hours. For more info see

on signs of hearing.

Even better, the Beltone hearing aids are extremely lightweight and can travel with you, and they not only work with televisions, they are ideal for listening to stereo or CD player music!

Not The Whole Answer

A TV hearing aid can be purchased without a prescription, and the Belton model is reasonable priced at $149.00. But anyone who is experiencing hearing loss should not stop with a TV hearing aid; it’s important to understand the underlying cause of any hearing loss and learn of the appropriate treatment options. Use your TV hearing aid to enjoy TV time with the family, but be certain to make an appointment with an audiologist and find out exactly what your hearing problem is.

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