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Cute Date Ideas

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

By Michael Dat

Are you sick and tired of the same old boring dates? Here are some dating ideas you can use to spice up your dating life instead of keeping it mundane and lifeless. Now you can finally look forward to having a fun-filled date with the person you always loved.

1) Take a romantic flight into the night, armed with a bottle of champagne, some roses and chocolate fondue and voila, you are on your way to impress that special someone.

2) If you are the ever so traditional guy who only knows how to splurge on overrated flowers like roses, learn to do new surprises to keep your date excited about what is coming next. Being mysterious is not the way to go, but rather have a backup of different ideas during a date to continually surprise your date. Write notes, poems or even little cards which girls love. Coupled with a box of chocolates and a song dedicated to her, you may well be on your way to spending the rest of your life with her.

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3) Is your loved one passionate about love songs? How about compiling some of the favourite love songs of your loved one into a CD and passing it to her during your date? Now the next time she listens to that CD, she would be thinking of you and remembering the good times during your dates.

4) Cook up a storm and invite your date over for a candle light dinner. Prepare some great dishes and make it as if she was at a five-star restaurant. Make that dinner as memorable as possible, with good food, good music, and good ambience. Also with such a romantic setting, why not ask her for a dance as well? You may not be Elvis Presley in real life, but you can certainly be one to her.

5) Another alternative if you are able to spend big bucks is to book a hotel with a breathtaking view and fill the entire room with balloons and crank up the music while calling for room service.

6) However, if you are someone with holes in your pockets, fret not. Just as comparable to fine dining in a 5 star restaurant, you can prepare sandwiches for a picnic in the park. Yes, the setting may be very different, but there are plenty of activities you can do in a park-date. You can fly a kite, roller-skate together, or you can simple sit down to have a chat while enjoying the breeze.

To have a fun-filled date is not just about having money but rather, it is about having creativity. Surprise your partner and have good ideas for dates to perk her up. The trick to having a successful date is to be as cheesy as possible but it does not mean that no planning is needed. An unplanned date would most probably end up in the dumps and cause an argument instead of allowing both of you to enjoy yourselves. So get working and start planning for your next date.

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