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Parents kidnap daughter to stop marriage in U.S.

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Thursday, October 5, 2006

On Friday, August 4, bride-to-be Julianna Redd’s parents, Lemeul and Julia Redd, told her that she was going on a shopping trip but instead she was driven 390 km (240 miles) from Provo, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado by her parents trying to talk her out of getting married.

Her now husband, Perry Myers, called the police when Julianna and her parents did not attend the pre-wedding dinner.

The Redds spent the night in Colorado before going to Provo the day the couple were supposed to be married at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.

They were married at the temple on Tuesday, August 8.

Julianna Myers said she will be pressing charges.

“I was totally confused and manipulated,” she said.

“I’ve never had a case quite like this,” said Utah County Attorney Kay Bryson, after charging Lemuel and Julia Redd.

“It is strange that parents would go to that extent to keep an adult daughter from marrying the man that she had chosen to marry.”

Lemuel, 59, and Julia, 56, are expected to be in court on Thursday, October 26 facing charges of second degree felony kidnapping. If convicted they could face one to 15 years imprisonment.

The couple, both students at Brigham Young University, are expecting their first child in May.

Hong Kong’s only railway company modifies regulations

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Monday, June 7, 2010

The MTR Corporation, the only railway company in Hong Kong since the rail merge in 2007, has loosened their rules. The corporation proposed the new modifications, then transferred the proposal to the Legislative Council, and will be effective from September 2010.

The new set of rules allow ‘non-disruptive’ use of profanity in private conversations, and the punishment for inflammatory use of expletives is lowered from a fine of HK$5000 to HK$2000. The new set of rules have also excluded the regulation against wandering in MTR premises, as well as the rule against attempting to eat or drink.

Democratic Party member James To has expressed his concerns about a new rule that outlaws the display of promotional material. According to To, the wearing of Tiananmen Square Incident-related T-shirts or acting the Goddess of Democracy may breach the new MTR rules.

He also deems two other regulations, namely the prohibition of distracting MTR staff members and photography and video-recording in the train carriages, ‘unreasonable’.

Unionist Li Fung-ying is also confused whether chewing gum was considered food. MTR head of operations Choi Tak-tsan replied that only what is regarded as food counts. They had not yet discussed on this matter, said Choi, and will soon. Li is also concerned about the rule which prohibits the entering of the first-class carriage without buying a ticket. Her main concern is whether the passenger will be allowed to buy the ticket rather than being fined HK$500.

Wong Kwok-hing believes that the MTR corporation should call upon more effort to advertise a more ‘civilised’ and ‘polite’ way of taking the train. Jeffrey Lam thinks that the new rules do not do enough to restrict shouting. MTR replied that anyone who shouts in the train can be advised to leave the train or even prosecuted.

Australian art gallery raided by police; photographer faces possible indecency charge

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Rosley Oxley9 Gallery in Sydney, Australia was raided by police over the weekend following complaints of child pornography. The complaints related to an exhibition of works by photographer Bill Henson, which included several photographs of naked pubescent children. Twenty-one of the forty photographs in the exhibition were seized during the raid, and police have announced that charges will be laid under the NSW Commonwealth and Crimes Act for “publishing an indecent article”. Digital versions have also been removed from the Gallery’s website.

Whatever the artistic view of the merits of that sort of stuff – frankly I don’t think there are any – just allow kids to be kids.

Politicians on both sides of the fence spoke out against the exhibition. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, speaking to the Nine Network, said he found the photos to be “absolutely revolting […] Whatever the artistic view of the merits of that sort of stuff – frankly I don’t think there are any – just allow kids to be kids.” His Opposition counterpart, Brendan Nelson, believes that the exhibition “violates the things for which we stand as Australians and indeed as parents”.

Art experts have supported Henson and defended his work, denying claims of child pornography and exploitation. According to Betty Churcher, a former director of the National Gallery of Australia, “[t]here is absolutely no suggestion of pornography in these photographs”. Sydney art dealer Denis Savill hung one of Henson’s works, featuring two nudes, in his gallery window beside an Arthur Boyd nude, to “give them something to grizzle about”.

According to Tony Oxley, husband of gallery owner Roslyn, the gallery’s answering machine has recorded several threats to burn the building down. The police action also calls into question the fate of similar works by Henson in other galleries in Australia and around the world.

Christmas Stocking Sock Monkeys

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Christmas Stocking Sock Monkeys



Year after year does Santa Claus bring you socks? They might be a great gift for Santa in Lapland but on the whole they are a pretty unimaginative stocking filler. Well we have a fantastic idea to turn a boring old pair of socks into a cute, cheeky, little sock monkey.

All you will need is… A pair of socks in any size, needle and thread, toy stuffing, 2 buttons for eyes and a sewing machine is an advantage but not essential

Take the first sock, turn it inside out and lay it out flat heel up.

Mark out the centre of the sock up to 4 cm below the heel line. With a dewing machine, if you have one, stitch 1 cm away from the centre line and sew down towards the ribbed part of the sock. Sew down to the bottom edge, turn away from the centre line and sew across the ribbed section to form a foot. Stitch the other side of the centre line to match.

YouTube Preview Image

Now cut up the centre line to divide the legs.

Turn the sock the right way out through the hole at the monkeys crotch. Lightly stuff the monkeys body and legs and sew up the hole in the crotch with invisible stitches.

Lay the second sock out flat in a side profile position and cut out relevant parts as indicated in the diagram.


Fold in half and stitch up the long side, tapering the ribbed edge to a point. Turn, stuff, turn the ends in and attach to the monkeys bottom.


Turn in edges and pin the oval shaped mouth to the main monkey just below the toe. Stitch invisibly in place leaving a small opening. Lightly stuff and close opening. Embroider on a mouth.


Fold in half and sew up the long edge and across the ribbed edge. Turn, stuff, turn the edges in and stitch in place on the monkeys body.


Put two ear parts together with right sides facing. Sew around curved part of the ear and turn right sides out. Tuck the bottom edge up inside the ear and fold the ear in half. Tack half way along the bottom edge to form a fold in the ear and stitch in place at the side of the monkeys head.


Stitch buttons on the front of the monkeys head above the mouth.

Pull the hat on to the monkeys head

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